Having an unstable Core


My Core runs unstable: (I already performed a factory reset and a setup of the Core). After several minutes the Core finally connects to the WiFi AP. Before the Core connects my firmware doesn’t function. When finally the Core is connected and executes the firmware when an event is published immediately after that the Core starts flashing red and again tries connecting to the WiFi AP (green/cyan flashing). This process repeats every time the Core finally connects and performs it’s firmware (publishes an event).

Any idea what can be the cause of the Core being unstable.



My idea is that the problem is related to the WiFi connection. When I comment out the “Spark.publish(”…);" statement it seems to work. The cycle I described happens when the Core sends data over WiFi to Particle Cloud.

There are a lot of things that could be wrong. The red flashing is an SOS code. Which one are you getting?


Hi @gdillen,

Usually the Red “SOS” blinks indicate a hard fault in your application (accessing invalid memory / functions, etc). If you wanted to share your source code we could help you hunt for any potential issues. :slight_smile: