Has anyone used the Adafruit RGB Matrix FeatherWing Kit

Has anyone used this with an Argon/Boron? Alternatively can anyone tell me whether it and its libraries linked below will or won’t work with an Argon?

@jar, I tried using the Adafruit RGB Matrix Featherwing kit with a Xenon that I had converted to use CircuitPython but it turns out the port pin mapping of the nRF82540 used on the Gen3 devices is not compatible with the RGB Matrix code requirements. This is a hardware design issue, not firmware so it can’t be fixed.

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Thanks so much @peekay123!

Did you ever try with the Argon, its the nRF52840? I’m going to check the pinout schematics for the wing and argon and see how they compare to the adafruit board pinouts.

@marcusone, the Argon will have the same problem as with the Xenon, lacking the port pin mapping necessary.

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