Adafruit wings and sensors with xenon


Will it be possible to use adafruit wings and sensor libraries with xenon ?

I think that should be possible, but just wanted to confirm.

@abhishek2101, yes it should be possible though some minor adaptations of the libraries may be necessary in some cases.


i thought they should work out of the box !!

since one of the reasons to support adafruit platform is to make more sensors available to work with.

The form-factor (pin-outs, headers, mandatory lipo connector, etc.) should match but the underlying processor is not a one-for-one match. Even within the Adafruit feather lineup, there are multiple processors available for prototyping (ESP8266, ESP32, ATSAMD51, ATMEGA32U4, etc.) and each one of those may require some code changes to account for the specific processor. The Adafruit featherwing libraries probably already include some hardware platform defines to account for the changes but the Particle mesh lineup is not sold by Adafruit. So you will probably have to make some platform-specific code changes or add Particle to the platform defines. I’m sure others in the community will be all over that when the time comes. All we can do now is wait for our pre-orders. :wink:


More specifically, will the mesh products be compatible with adafruits ethernet module?

I would assume so because I’m getting one in my mesh preorder.