Hardware / software developer wanted


We are looking for a developer to take on a couple of projects:


Water monitoring - pH, conductivity, temperature,
Tank level - chemical tank level using ultrasonics, load cells or milone etape.
Pump run - totalise pump run time (12 v DC pump)
Pump control - stepper motor to control pump output (peristaltic pump) + 7 day time function. THIS IS AN OPTIONAL REQUIREMENT TO BE QUOTE SEPARATELY


Size is irrelevant for system 1 and it will include all elements described above

System 2 is for tank level / pump run / (and optional pump control) only - needs small form factor (I would like to eventually use Spark electron when it arrives in September)

Both systems have to use GSM as unable to use WiFi in many circumstances.

Both systems need to communicate to internet (xively / thingworx / grove streams etc) - needs to be a system with hierarchical structure for customers as we will be deploying on numerous customer sites so need to be able to control what info each customer has access to.

pH, cold, temp, sensor readings to be transmitted about ever 10 minutes (sending 10 minute average)
Tank level and pump run totaliser transmitted every 1 - 4 hours.

Both systems are hardwired so no battery pack requirement.

I have a libelium open aquarium board & aquaponics board over arduino uno and can successfully write readings to serial. That’s about the limit of my ability….

I am happy to look at sensor circuits from atlas scientific / dfrobot / grove

We are initially looking to develop 12 prototype units that can be deployed on various sites in the UK.

Anyone interested please contact us: