Aquarium Controller

Hello All, after looking around at off-the-shelf options for an Aquarium controller, I found that they are all ridiculously expensive here in Thailand.
So I started initially looking at the Jarduino Project, which is an Arduino Mega based DIY controller.
The code and hiccups with that are plenty and it’s Reef Based.
Came across Spark and straight away ordered 1 kit, 1 core and 2 relay shields.
Can’t wait to get it in and start.

Functions for the controller:

  1. Temperature Measurement
  2. Based on Temperature: switching on heater or cooling fans
  3. Light control. Initially simple switching on/off until I get around more sophisticated LED fixtures (DIY of course)
  4. Ph-Measurement (and in a later stage maybe control)
  5. Spore Dosing for plants with a peristaltic pump.
  6. Auto Feeding.

Will be a long road, but will sure keep posting questions/solutions and pictures as I start tackling this list item by item.

Kind regards,

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Welcome @schuimpge! Nice project idea :wink:

Might be worth reading this thread for some tips!

And also this one:

Thanks BDub, the first one I’ve been through earlier…your post on the analog readings is very useful.
If only those cores arrived already…lol…

Are there any updates to this project guys? I just got mine today, and I would love to start controlling my tank. For starters I want to turn lights on and off at set times using the relay shield which I have. I know that is pretty basic, but I figured its a start!

Anyone out there wanting to partner let me know. ph monitoring, salinity check, auto feed, auto water change, are a few of my ideas…



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