GxEPD2 - on ESP32 - always _Update_Full after reset - (Waveshare eink 2.9)?

Hi all,

I’m having a problem with Jean-Marc Zingg great lib “GxEPD2” on ESP32 (Firebeetle ESP32 board).
I would like to use the partial_Update feature of my eink display (Waveshare 2.9) together with the very low power mode of the ESP32 (deep-sleep).
But it seems that every time after an reset (when I have to call display.init) - which is the case when starting up from deep-sleep (esp_deep_sleep_start()) the GxEPD2 is doing a _Update_Full before it does any _Update_Part.

How could I skip to _Update_Full for each subsequend reset cause by wake up from ESP32 deep sleep?

You on the wrong forum, this is for Particle Product support not ESP32 support.

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