GSM Muxer (native software)

I want to use my own software on the NRF52840 and also use ESP32 to connect to WIFI.
I managed to connect to WIFI and get an IP using AT commands, but to establish a TCP connection I have to use a muxer, if I’m not mistaken.
I send the command “AT+CMUX=0” and receive an “OK” response, after which, if I send any command, I don’t get the response.
I tried to compile but got an error about missing file “gsm0710muxer / platform.h”.
Please tell me where I can find instructions on what bytes to send to execute certain commands. Or maybe I don’t understand at all how everything should work. Sorry, for a possibly stupid question, but I just don’t know where to look for information.
Thank you for help!

You should not have to use CMUX. You should be able to use the normal ESP-AT socket interface as well. The socket interface is way less complicated.

Extracting the GSM 07.10 muxer out of Device OS would not be trivial and you’d be entirely on your own there.

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Thank you! Can I use esp at socket interface without flashing other firmware on esp32. Your firmware supports only base and wifi AT commands

The firmware on the ESP32 from the factory should only be a slightly modified version of esp-at.

I never tried it, but it looks like commands like AT+CIPSTART should still be there.

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When I send AT+CIPSTART I get ERR CODE:0x01090000
And on your repository I found the next information:
This firmware is based on AT application for ESP32 ESP-IDF ( and at the moment only enables Base and WiFi AT command sets.
A+CGMR -> 0.0.5 (version on my esp32)