Argon NCP Firmware and ESP32 AT Commands differences

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The ESP firmware loaded on the argon board is

This firmware is based on AT application for ESP32 ESP-IDF ( and at the moment only enables Base and WiFi AT command sets.

  • What does it mean by Base commands?
  • Does this mean that TCP/IP-Related AT Commands are not enabled?
  • If they are not, how do you send data over wifi without AT+CIPSTART and AT+CIPSEND?


Unless I miss your requirement entirely …


should do the trick ?


I’m using custom firmware for the argon so that won’t work for me

I am using the same firmware (argon ncp firmware) for the esp though so I need to figure out what that function is doing

I’ll have a look and see if I can find what that function does exactly, but if anyway knows their help would be much appreciated :blush: