Grove Starter Kit of Particle Mesh

New to Particle, anything Sensor/Common Sense and Coding. I added the “Grove Starter Kit for Particle Mesh” to my Mesh order. I have placed a Xenon on the Grove Shield with hopes to learn some basics of adding different sensors to the Xenon and Mesh Network. Guess, it could be as easy as plugging in the different senors to the Shield and use the App to read or trigger events. Just don’t what to mess up the Xenon or the Mesh Network by my lack of knowledge. Seeed Grove site doesn’t seem to be much help.

There isn’t a detailed tutorial for the Grove Starter kit at this time.

The data sheet includes links to technical documents for each item in the kit, as well as links to the libraries to use, if necessary. That’s all that’s currently available.

I didn’t see a link for this Seeed github repo on the grove system page. But there are many examples for the photon starter kit. It should be just a matter of modifying the pins used by the various busses to make it work with the mesh devices. I wish I had a kit to tinker with.

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Thank you rickkas7 and nijatill. Will check them out.
Hope to have my outside Christmas Lights set up on a Xenon by tomorrow with a relay off my Photon bread board.

Not sure how I missed the Doc in Accessories. Thought I had covered the bases in the Doc section. Trying to read everything twice. Hoping at least some of the info would sink in!