Google's Brillo & Weave IoT platform

Google just announced Brillo + Weave IoT:

The Weave protocol could be something to watch out for. I suppose this could have been an interesting question for the AMA, but how does the Particle team feel about Google’s newest kids on the block?


Hard to say exactly - they haven’t released any details so I think it’s pretty early to comment on it. That said, I’m in the process of writing a blog post about the tech giants and their IoT platforms (Brillo/Weave, mbed OS, HomeKit, AllSeen/AllJoyn, etc.), so expect to see something about that next week!


You must have long weeks in your timezone :wink: Looking forward to your article.

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Haha sorry about that; I drafted the post but decided to go back to the drawing board after sharing it with some folks. It’s a complex story to tell (what are all of these IoT platforms, what do they do, and how are they different from one another). Sorry for the delay!

I’m definitely looking forward to your post!

From the perspective of technological frameworks, the IoT is, to me, an extremely fragmented landscape (and I’m being extremely polite in my wording).

I believe a lot of good comes out from this chaos, as the emerging ‘victor’ should hopefully be a reflection of what the field and community demands, but can’t everybody just play nice and push for open standard(s) that we can all contribute to? Could AllSeen/AllJoyn be it?

What annoys me is the walled garden mentality of major manufacturers exerting their control and influence over what the evolving IoT community at large should adopt, but I don’t want to be too cynical about it.


Totally agree. I definitely don’t think that AllSeen/AllJoyn is the “standard that everyone can get behind” - they’ve got a lot of corporate logos but I’ve only ever seen it implemented in one product (LIFX). They have theoretical adoption but not actual adoption.

The standards with the most support aren’t those being pushed by the tech giants. It seems that there are basically three winners on the protocol side: there’s CoAP (what we use), MQTT, and HTTP. They each have their pros/cons, and each is better suited for different applications. ARM is supporting these directly with mbed OS, but other than that, the tech giants seem inclined to do their own thing (Weave/HomeKit/AllSeen/etc), which doesn’t necessarily contribute to the overall IoT community.

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