Google realtime analytics towards movement/light/smell etc

He guys i would love to use your expertise :smile:

I’am a design student from holland and I’m working on objects that translate realtime online visitors data towards design objects. Would love to translate visitors amount, origine of visitor etc.
simple example:
think about a clock that show the amount of visitors on my webpage.
Trying to make objects that will trigger different senses in the way of analysing your data.

Don’t have any experience yet with arduino,particle & programming but would love to get this working.
Could you guys suggest ways of doing this?

high five,

Hello fellow Dutchie, and welcome to the forums.

You project sounds interesting, and it’s mostly very doable. Considering the fact that you haven’t got any experience with the Hesse kinds of things, it might be a bit challenging. You’ll have to work with electronics, embedded programming (c++/wiring), handle APIs from both Google and Particle, and depending on whether or not you want a webpage to configure stuff some HTML/JavaScript/css. That said, it should be doable with some help.

As for the Google part, they’ve got a realtime analytics API available, which you should probably read through for a bit. You can find it here.

For the actuators, you should probably decide on what you’d want to use. There are too many things available to be able to give you specific advise just yet. Perhaps it would be easiest to start of with some LEDs which you can have light up depending on the amount of users. Once you’ve got the hang of that, you can make it more complex, since the basic principle then stays the same.

Regarding ‘smell’ actuators, those are very very very difficult. That’s why we don’t have smell televisions yet. You could heat up some rubber, but that doesn’t smell too nice. Then again, heating bacon does smell nice. Just keep in mind that there’s a very limited range of things you can get away with regarding smell.

Thanks a lot for your quick feedback!
What particle hardware would you advice to get started with, if i would for example combine visitors info with led lamps?

The Internet button is always a good choice to start out with. It has fancy neopixels (LED), an accelerometer, a buzzer and four buttons. Should allow for some kind of interactivity.