Google Maps Integration 404 Issue

Hi there,
I've searched through the forums and have seen similar issues to the one I'm facing but haven't found an actual resolution.
I've got a working API key and a paid google account for usage w/ the Maps API but I'm seeing a 404 on the responses to my location events in the Particle console logs.
When taking the same query that's throwing the errors and make the API call w/ Postman, the response is good and solves a GPS location. Any one else experience this or have any insights as to what to do about it?
thanks in advance.

I think you might be experiencing the problem in this post. There isn't a general-purpose solution at this time.

It does appear to be the RAT issue in the previous post. I was able to reproduce a 404 with the built-in Google Maps device locator integration.

As a workaround, you can use the technique in this Github. It's fully compatible with the device firmware for the official Google Maps device location integration, but instead of using the built-in integration, you create a custom webhook. The page shows how in the Creating a Webbhook section.

Using that technique I was able to successfully geolocate. Make sure you disable your Google Maps integration so you don't have both running at the same time.


Thanks @rickkas7 I'll give that a whilr and report back!

just following back on this one. This seems to work excellent. Thanks a ton @rickkas7 !

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