Going commercial

Hi all,

I have a couple of questions about going commercial with an application based on Particle hardware.
More precisely, I am currently building an IoT application based on the Electron Asset Tracker v2 and I wondering if after I finished, polished, and tested my application I could package it in a case and sell it. In particular I am asking if:

  • The Electron Asset Tracker (as far as I know) is already certified (FCC, CE, RoHS, …) so if my product include only the asset tracker do I need to certify it again or I can just report the certification ids of particle electron ?

  • What if i extend the hardware with some external breakout like this (no additional electromagnetic emissions). Do I need to certify the hardware again?


I love particle products…

I think the idea is that if any addition of components/sensors do not act like an intentional emitter, there’s no issue with using the fcc id of the electron/photon.

Just my very basic understanding though :wink: