Getting error 500 when I verify BLINK AN LED example

I get this error build Web IDE when I try to verify the BLINK AN LED example:
“500 Server errors - Fail whale. Something’s wrong on our end.”

Getting same problem on my windows7 desktop and my windows7 laptop.

Please check if you have a device and a valid firmware selected in the target drawer

By “drawer” I would guess you mean the vertical toolbar along the left edge of the Web IDE.
By “valid firmware” I guess you mean an app: I’m using Particle example BLINK AN LED which has always worked in the past.
My device is Electron plugged into an Asset Tracker.
Hmm. Now “Verify” command is dim and disabled.

Problem is following my Electron Asset Tracker.

Works okay if I plug in only Photon, select Photon device, and do verify.
If I plug in Electron AT only, select Electron, and do verify: error 500

Nope, not really. I rather meant the system firmware version. The Electron does e.g. not support 0.4.8 while the Photon does.

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