Fun & cool project/swag/etc Ideas

Hi all!

I’m looking for ideas of stuff to do for a group of coworkers. Internal swag (NOT T-shirts…), wall displays, posters, things we can do, games, and stuff like that. But we’re an engineering group so I want more… I want interactive, I want fun. I want to make 3D printed bobbleheads of everyone on the team. Maybe interactive spaces like Sparkfun’s conference room. Maybe an instrumented pull-up bar so we can post company records (powered by spark). A kegerator that monitors our drinking speed. A github/jira monitor (powered by spark) to display speed of check-ins or rate of bug fixes. I don’t know, these are just ideas. Really, the sky is the limit.

What can I do that would just make my office and team flat-out awesome? To inspire the team to creativity (and to inspire envy from other companies)??

And Spark: I might need to buy about 100 cores soon :slight_smile:



What kind of engineering does your team do? Perhaps that’ll “set the mood” of cool ideas to come?

Mostly IoT stuff, with a few teams for device, network and cloud., security, etc.