Fuel management dashboard

Hey All,

Thought I would share one of the projects we have been working on that uses the photon at its core. The project had previously been powered by an external raspberry pi, but when we needed WiFi, rather than adding a wifi dongle we decided to cut the cost in half and go photon! Haven’t looked back since.

At every gas station in america there are devices that measure tank levels and report on leaks, etc. This device is typically in a backroom somewhere, and is a black box that no one dares to touch. They are old enough that the expected interface is something along the lines of low level serial. The most prevalent brand is one called “Veeder Root”. We designed and built a board that accepts the photon and uses serial communication to bridge the data out to the cloud, for devices that already have a serial port we made a nice little case and brought out with light pipe the RGB indicator, Both ended up very clean. Once the data is at the cloud, we have nice mobile/web apps that we can present the information in a nice clean and useful manner.

This combined with the new Particle Dashboard product make for such a great platform for us to continue to innovate. We’ve already got several other products in the pipeline that leverage the photon/electron.

Details here: http://www.tetontechnology.com/fuel-solutions.html