Fritzing parts library for boards and shields

Hi @BDub,

Will there be an updated Fritzing parts library for the Electron and other Particle Shields? There are already wonderfully-made vector illustrations of the Electron and various Particle Shields (for example the Relay shield) in the official datasheets, but I couldn’t find the SVGs for them on Particle’s github that I can contribute some input to, and it’ll be such a waste of time if anyone had to vectorise them from screenshots.

+1 for a Fritzing part for the Electron :wink:

Hey all! @mohit was working on one for the Electron … let’s see if it’s ready to release. Not sure if there are shield parts, but that could be done… or SVGs possibly provided to those that might be eager to help.

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Just an update, all Fritzing parts are here now, including the Electron:


I would still like to have a fritzing parts file for the photon relay board, Does anyone have one?

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same here… it would be really helpful to have the relay board for fritzing… Anyone know if one exists somewhere?>

@BDub I just built a bunch of boards using the Electron Fritzing parts from the GIT library. The Electron parts came back without any drill holes. I checked the part and sure enough, no drill holes. The Photon is fine, btw.If you get a moment could you check / update?


Any update on the Fritzing part for the Electron? I found one via a post on this board, but continue to have issues with it due to a rectangular area in the middle of the PCB object that seems to want to “attract” connections I’m trying to make to A0, A1, etc. I’ve never seen this phenomenon in the past with a Fritzing part.

It seems the issue has something to do with the Lithium battery connection points. I’ve deleted the Li+ and Li- connection points, but am a bit concerned I may have compromised the part and don’t want to have PCBs made that are faulty.

[update] All seems OK since I removed the two points listed above. I’m going to have some PCBs made and hope they’re fine.

DON’T USE THE ELECTRON FRITZING PART! There are no drill holes defined.