Fritzing - Particle photon part definition

Request to Particle Hardware Team - I am using Fritzing to design and layout various solutions I am working on. Someone had already defined a community part for a Spark Core V1.0 and I wanted to create and share a new part for the Particle photon.

In the latest version of the Parts Editor there are six tabs: Breadboard view, Schematic view, PCB view, Icon view, Metadata view, and Connectors view. As you might expect, the first four views are for the part images; the Metadata view is where you enter the part’s title, author, and other properties; and the Connectors view is for editing connector metadata, and for adding or removing connectors.

To complete this I require the following:

  1. particle logo with photon name in SVG format for the icon view
  2. particle photon schematic in SVG format for the schematic view
  3. particle photon board land pattern eagle file on github - photon/libraries/Spark.lbr

Under the data sheets for photon I can only access .PNG images and I am unable to download/clone to local git the eagle file. I could create SVG files but thought I would ask to see if you have any?

Here it is

armor, were you able to get this done? The version @nrobinson2000 pointed to, has a missing set of coppers at the bottom of the board :frowning:

@anlek - Thanks I did, someone had already crafted one for the Fritzing library part - it just wasn’t very obvious from searching the name. I haven’t noticed there is a problem with this part (yet). I am only using it for the pin outs and size and on both those counts it is fine.