Flashing Green, Cyan, Then Off

Hi, I was using Putty to read the MAC address of my Photon, but ever since it hasn’t worked properly. Whenever I turn it on, it either flashes green, flashes cyan, then turns the LED off or flashes green, flashes cyan, and then stays at solid cyan. It enters safe mode and dfu mode just fine but it doesn’t connect or allow for a connection anymore. Any idea on what to do?

If the Photon can enter Safe Mode, can you flash a user app?

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This behaviour you describe suggests that the application firmware on the device stalls the µC so that it can’t even do the breathing LED anymore.
Could you post the code you’re running? Or just see if you can flash a simple blink sketch in Safe Mode to see if the device comes back to life then.


Thank you both, that seemed to work.

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