Flashing Cyan after 5-10min

Hi there

I’m having problems keeping my two cores online here in Switzerland.
After 5 to 10min running, the core starts flashing cyan an gets unresponsive. It happens even if there’s no code on the core running, just being connected with the cloud.
Running them side by side, they won’t stop at the same time…

Connection is made using CISCO WAP321.

Any Ideas?


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My cores currently hate my work internet speed/ping times and constantly drops back to flashing cyan as well… but at home with high speed Comcast they purrr. Is it possible you have DSL or a slow T1 internet connection? I know the Spark Team is currently working on making the Spark Core firmware a lot more robust when dealing with less than stellar internet connections.

I’m using a 150Mbit Fiber connection, doing a good job. Just had time to try it with a different provider here in town, same problem. Timing to US located AWS services is often a bit tricky here in central Europe.
So lets wait for a more robust firmware :wink:


Maybe check out this other thread. Not sure where the issue lies, but it appears to be highly variable amongst users (and even amongst cores as some users have different results on the same network with different cores.) Mine averages about 75 minutes (low of about 5 minutes all the way up to 120 minutes.)

This is a blocker issue for me (and I assume for others as well), so I hope a resolution is coming soon.

Dave O

I’m getting a similar issue. For me its about 1 day from what I’ve noticed, but it could be any length of time. I’ve a pretty stable connection. Living in Australia if that makes any difference.

Really weird. I’m constantly complaining about my network performance at home. I run on a lack luster BT broadband connection that runs at less than 6Mb/s. I’ve not had a single issue yet with the spark core. I’ve been working on some simple server software to constantly poll the spark and drop the results in a berkley db on a raspberry pi. I imagine I’ll pick up any drop offs in the code so I’ll keep an eye on the results.

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Hi Dom, I’m interested in learning if you are using a local server and therefore your spark core is communicating with your local server rather than the public one.