Flashing a customer/product device via CLI


I have a device in a QA/Dev product that belongs to a programatically generated “customer”.
I’m logged into my account (I’m a member of the team that should have permissions for the product).

I seem unable to start and OTA from the CLI, I keep getting a prompt claiming the DeviceID is unrecognized. I’m assuming this is because I don’t own the device on my personal account. I’m aware that I can OTA from the REST API using the device’s access token.

My current workaround is to use the REST flow, but is there something I’m missing about product permissions and the CLI?


You need to be logged into the CLI as the customer/owner of the device, not a team member account, in order to flash.

However, you can use particle login --token xxx where xxx is the access token you’d use for the REST API call, which would allow you to flash a device marked as a developer device directly.