CLI Flashing somebody else's device with common product

I’d like to invoke “particle flash” on a device that is owned by somebody else. However, the device has been allocated to a “Product” on the website, and I am a member of the team for this Product.

When attempting to do it, it tells me if knows nothing of the device. “particle list” also does not show the devices associated with that Product.

Can it be done?

The recommended way to do development is for each team member to have devices on their own accounts, probably at their own desks connected by USB, for easy testing. You can flash directly from Build, Dev, or CLI that way.

However, assuming the other device is part of the product and you have access to the product console as a team member, you can create a firmware binary using any of the development environments, upload it as a new version of the product, then lock and flash that device only from the console with the version you just created, even if it’s claimed by someone else.