Flash Unsuccessful. Across all of my available Cores/Photons

Ok. so this is new to me.

I’ve had my core working fine. Its currently breathing cyan. After an unsuccessful flash, it seems that I’ve lost the ability to flash even the simplest of my programs.

Pulled out a Photon, claimed it. Breathes cyan as well.

I can look at events, and signal the new device. Just not flash.

Looking at the latest event it shows the following:
Event: spark/device/diagnostics/update
Data: {“service”:{“device”: “status”:“unsupported”},“coap”: …

Tried starting the core in safe mode. Just continues on to breathing cyan.

what happened here???

======== edit ============

i attempted to run the device doctor via CLI and it failed giving me a error of:

“Invalid DFU suffix signature
A valid DFU suffix will be required in a future dfu-util release!!!
Error during download get_status”

OK issue fixed. I had to update the firmware via the CLI: particle update command.

not sure what got me to this place. but glad i was able to find my way out.

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Thanks for putting your solution!