Flash sketches through native apps

Hello everybody,

As far as I’m aware this hasn’t been requested before, so I thought I’d give it a try.
Would it be possible for the Spark team to add a feature to the apps that would allow us to flash firmware through it?
By that I do not mean program through it (which might be neat in a later stadium) but just flash your already existing apps. Personally I’ve got quite a few ‘test apps’ which I’d like to switch around to see if they make any significant differences. Although this is possible through the web IDE, it would be really nice if we could flash these using the native apps.
I was thinking that you might be able to add it under the “re-flash Tinker” button. You could create some kind of list with your apps, which you could then flash at will.

Not sure if this is something you’re willing to spend time on at the moment, but I guess it doesn’t hurt to ask :slight_smile:

Thanks in advance, you’re doing a great job on all of this!

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Thanks so much for the post, Jordy - we have some mad travel going down today. Someone will chime in shortly. Cheers!

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Flashing with an existing .bin file over API is fairly straight forward!

Not sure this would end up in the tinker app since that’s for beginners to get started but who knows :slight_smile:

I believe the codes are flashed using the same API to compile then flash to the core.

What we need to do is to know the file paths on the IDE, populate a list of your existing apps for you to pick and flash.

Not too difficult really but just hang in there a little more once the IDE code is released!

Meanwhile, I’ll see if I can make a simple web app for thus.

I’m a beginner in web programming but gonna give it a try anyways :slight_smile: