Flash electron over serial - Guide not working


The command line guide to flash Electron over serial is not working:

When I do “particle compile blinky.ino”, I get “Target device blinky.ino is not valid”. It should be “particle compile electron blinky.ino”.

Also, I can’t get the Tinker app to work. It always say that my electron is offline :S

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If you find errors in the docs, and want to contribute to making them better, you can suggest changes using the ‘edit’ button in the top right corner. These changes can then, if deemed appropriate, be merged into the live docs.

With the Tinker app, there might be an issue due to the way “online” is handled with the electron. To save data, it doesn’t keep a continuous connection, and thus may appear to be offline. Perhaps a change in the app is due to adress this, but @ido should be the one to answer that.
Edit: that’s 99% sure the reason it’s not showing as online even though it is online. Due to the way the connection is managed, it’s not possible to tell the state without polling for it which would cost data.

An excerpt from the change log:

“Last Heard” helps you know the status of your Electron.
Because UDP is a connectionless protocol, the concept of a device being “online” or “offline” is fundamentally different for the Electron than for the Photon and Core. If you inquire your devices’ status in Particle Build/Dev or by issuing a particle list command in the CLI, you’ll be presented with the “last heard” status of each device, which represents the last time the Cloud successfully received communications from your device.

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FIxed the docs here: https://github.com/spark/docs/commit/10bb059fe35ee07288467870511e78c26904b11d#diff-05c6e4840e40c8c2153619994fe5ef0dR210

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