Fixed point arithmetic on Photon (libfixmath)

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Hey guys,

I am working on an implementation of the modified Goertzel Algorithm (an efficient single point DFT) and am in the process of optimizing the code for the Photon. I am under the impression that since floating point arithmetic is implemented in software for the photon, it would be better if I could use a fixed point implementation. This is also so that I can transmit the data to a server on my computer with 16 bit precision. To be completely honest, I have no idea how to implement this myself, so if anyone has any resources to recommend it would be much appreciated.

I can share the algorithm if that helps.



Okay, I have found something that will probably work for my purposes. It’s a library called libfixmath. It has all of the capabilities that I need and does 16.16 fixed point arithmetic. It is supposedly platform independent, so porting it shouldn’t be an issue. However, I have never set up a library outside of what is included in the standard development environment. So I guess this is where I should start.


What are you using web IDE or workbench?

Very basically you will need to create a .h file and a .cpp file. In the web IDE you just click on the ‘+’ symbol on the right of the top line of tabs. What are you porting the fixed16 library from?


I use both the workbench and the web IDE. I find that visual studio is much more pleasant to work in while I’m coding, but the web IDE complies much faster. So I just copy and paste in between. Edit: I was just being an idiot and not using the workbench properly.

From what I understand, libfixmath is just a standard C/C++ library. Unfortunately, it does not appear to be the best documented, so I am just trying to dig around in order to understand how to best import it into my development environments.


Hey @mindless, I’ve started a Workbench project that implements libfixmath that I hope to release as a library.

Workbench seems to be happy about the code, but I’m getting linker errors when building the project.

I’ve fixed the linker error. The original code used printf() a lot and I had to replace it with Serial.printf()

I’ve run the project on a photon and all tests pass.

I’ll make some more demos and release it as a library tomorrow hopefully.

I have released the libfixmath library. You can now use it in the Web IDE, CLI, or Workbench.

Looking for some advice on porting libfixmath

Hell yeah man! Looks like it was fairly straight forward. Thanks for taking the time to get it running.


No problem. I felt like getting some more practice with porting libraries. Let me know if it works well for your application.