Looking for some advice on porting libfixmath

Hey Guys,
So I am looking into using libfixmath in order to speed up some DSP applications on the photon. It was described as “a C static library with a C++ class interface for C++ users”. As I am still pretty new to embedded programming, I was looking for some advice on how I could port this library. I think it would be useful to many users.

Based on the benchmarks, you can get some pretty significant performance improvements on the Cortex-m3. However, since the library is implemented in C rather than C++ I am not sure how to port it. Specifically, I have no idea how you would handle compilation options and since it appears to be optimized for GCC or CC, I don’t know if it is even compatible with the particle platform.

Any help would be much appreciated!

I've begun porting libfixmath and I have it working on a photon:

I think it would be best to keep this discussion on the original thread you made:

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I agree with @nrobinson2000.
There is little use in opening a new thread for what’s virtually the same point of discussion.

Hence I’ve closed this topic and any further discussion should be continue on the original, first thread.