First Time Flash - Panic SOS, but ok afterwards

Hello Particle Community,

I am having an issue where the very first flash on a Particle Electron running V6.2 software will cause a Panic SOS but all subsequent flashes of the same software work without any issues.

So far I have seen this happen on the last 3 Electrons I have configured.

Is there any reason why the premier code upload would cause an SOS error, but after wards it would be just fine?


This might also be caused by your code - e.g. when using retained or EEPROM based data which wasn’t initialised properly.

Try other code like Tinker and see if this still happens.

BTW, when talking about Panic SOS also providing the blink count between the SOS patterns should be standard :wink:
The possible reason might be hidden in that info.

Hi ScruffR,

I hear you, I’m pretty sure it was a Stack Overflow. But I did not quite catch it. If it happens again I will update. We will be flashing more Electrons soon.

However, for me the questions still remains, what would cause it to fail the first time, but work later on other flashes of the same software?

Also, have you seen something like this before?

Thank you for the quick reply!

Yes, hence the comment

On first run the data might be invalid but gets initialised during that run and subsequent runs (or reflashes using the same structure) will find valid data.

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