Particle Build not working - spark/flash/status fail

Hi guys,

I’ve been experiencing problems with Particle Build today. I have 2 photons, and no matter what I do, when I flash them I receive a spark/status/fail error in the console (or it doesn’t even try to flash at all). Even trying to flash the simple blink an led example is not working. The on-board LED sometimes flashes at random intervals, however nothing like the intervals stated in the code.

I think the server is not working because, even after flashing the blink an led code onto both my photons, the devices are still running old code (there is particle.publish usage in the old code that was on the photons, of which has not stopped since being supposedly flashed with the blink an led code).

Thanks for your help!

Could you try placing your device in Safe Mode before attempting to flash? Some of your old code might be interfering with the update process.

What Jordy said … and what system version are you targeting?

Thanks for the help, I am targeting 0.5.3.

I had used safe mode already, however I think Moors7 you are correct in saying something in my old code is interfering, because if I do the following:

Reset -> flash blink led code -> everything worked
Then I can flash my project on and that works
But then if I try and flash the blink led code on again it doesn’t work.

EDIT: now it’s not even doing the above… I have had a few flukes tonight where flashing worked briefly

I did try some older code which seemed to be working a week ago and is causing issues too, is there any chance something has changed in the online build process that something could be conflicting with?

Also, I am not sure if this is normal or not, but even after putting it in safe mode, it took several attempts at flashing the board for it to even work, and still displays spark/flash/status fails quite often (now nothing is working). At the present time it seems to just loop in safe-mode, attempt a flash and fail.

I should mention I have been receiving errors today where it refuses to compile, yet does not throw an error as to why. Secondly, the Particle Build will then say the flash is successful, whereas the Particle Console won’t even acknowledge a flash attempt has begun (the device doesn’t even attempt to flash either).

And now it seems to be working a bit better than before (doesn’t matter what the code is, seems to be flashing fine)…

I am not sure what’s going on to be honest, I think I’ll just leave it for a while and get back to you guys if the issues arise again.

Again, thank you for the help!

That sounds like a Safe Mode Healer attempt to upgrade your device to 0.5.3 - are you sure, your device had this already installed?

Are you using SYSTEM_THREAD(ENABLED) in your code?

I have been flashing the device with 0.5.3 for a while now (if that is what you mean?).

And no, I am not using that in my code.