First project on Boron - Library issue?

Having a problem with my first project. Setup and registered a new boron. I did build a first sample project, flashed the boron, and ran it and all was fine.

Then I tired a more complex example, the sample BLE heart rate central project from the BLE tutorials page. I have the OLED display and the featherwing doubler. I copied and pasted the code that is for the OS 3.0 and later which has both the setup and loop code and more into my Web IE. In the libraries tab, I added the libraries i think i need, which are:

to the app.

But When i build i get :

72: no match for call to ā€˜(particle::BleAdvertisingData) ()ā€™

and some additional errors that all appear that iā€™m not including the correct libraries.

Searched for the issue and cant find it. What am i missing here?

Thanks in advance for the help.


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