Firmware 1.1.0 - Flashing Updates

Since I updated to 1.1.0 I have been seeing very erratic behavior when flashing new applications to mesh and electron devices.

So, I have decided to upgrade the OS to the latest release candidate.

When working with my electron, the Web IDE is showing that 1.2.1-rc.2 is the OS target and 1.1.0 is the current OS on the device. After I compile the app and then flash the app, nothing seems to happen. Actually after the IDE indicates the flash was successful, the device light modes changes indicating the update is happening. However, after I refresh the WebIDE, it continues to indicate that 1.1.0 is the current OS.

Please advise.

How long do you wait after an update.

When you flash a application that requires a device OS update, you should leave the device alone till it stops resetting and coming back magenta as this indicates an ongoing device OS update.

Once you may have interrupted that auto-update you may need to manually update since the premature interruption may have left the device in some libo state.

You can check the current state of your device via particle serial inspect (in Listening Mode).

Updates from the WebIDE are really inconsistent. Even though it says it completed flashing successfully, the device status lights stays the same (cyan). In one case I noticed that after like 5 minutes, the status lights started flashing.
I have started doing local flashes to avoid that uncertainty.