Electron failed OTA update/flash? Cycling LED colours


I have an Electron which was on Device OS 1.4.1. It was sat outside (in an enclosure of course) doing some monitoring and waking every 30 minutes to report back.

I needed to upgrade the firmware on the electron and compiled it against Device OS 1.5.0. I flashed it using the “particle flash {NAME} {file.bin}” command. And it got a “success” message on the particle cloud interface, but never came back online. After going to check on it, I spotted it flashing it’s RGB LED different colours in a cycle. It flashes Green for a while, then it moves to breathing blue then quickly moves to breathing orange then quickly looping back to flashing green.

Flashing this same firmware to another device doesn’t break that device. My firmware turns off the RGB LED immediately. If i try to remote update the now disconnected device (while it’s flashing those LEDs), the update starts fine, but then reports as failed on the particle cloud console. Though I can’t ping it and any vitals update request reports it as “unreachable”.

Trying to understand why this happened as in future this device will be deployed far away and I wont be able to manually intervene with it.


That’s not one of the known states so it’s hard to tell.

After looking at it without a smoked lid, the last colour actually seems to be white. I can send you a video over private messages if that’d help diagnose this.