Finding the Wifi Reset instructions - and other button presses

This is going to sound feeble - but it is the truth…

Periodically I need to reset the wifi or erase the user code on a Photon or an Argon.
For some reason when I use the documentation search on the Particle site I can never find those instructions! I always have to resort to Google! If I were using the same machine all the time I could just bookmark

etc and job done - but I am using different systems. Am I the only one who has trouble finding this info when I need it? I think a lot has to do with the obvious search terms not appearing in the tutorial titles, The title “Status LED Photon” doesn’t look like a “how to” page which is what one might expect? Maybe add a suffix to the title like “(Wi-Fi Reset, erase code etc.).”

Perhaps I’m just feeble :slight_smile:

Alan T

Since the same process applies to WiFi and Cellular devices the generalised search term “network reset” seems to work fine.


You’re not the only one who has these issues and I promise you we are working on making it better.

For now, @ScruffR’s solution is a good thing to bookmark!

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Thanks @ScruffR. I agree that your search term finds the right things, however I would contend that a user is far more likely to use a search term specific to their problem such as “WiFi Reset” or “Erase user program” - neither of which find items which look useful for those tasks and - for such common tasks - I think they should.

Noting Colleen’s response below, hopefully there will be improvements at some stage which will improve the search facility - but for now there’s always Google to fall back on.


Alternatives for that would be “factory reset” or “firmware reset”, which even have their own captions

It’s quite difficult to think of all the terms users might come up with and cater for all of them. That’s the great thing about the human mind, it can quite easily come up with all sorts of creative alternatives.
However machines aren’t that good at it and need the assistance of humans in trying out multiple phrases.

Sometimes even a less specific search term may yield the result you were looking for

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