Finding Boron LTE-M ICCID

Hello All,

So after reading the blog post by particle that LTE-M is now availble in Canada (where I am), I got a Boron LTE-M model. I’m trying to set one of this up and seem to be running into some issues:

  • When setting up the Boron device via the mobile app, I seem to keep getting a failed to send bluetooth message after choose to not use the device in a mesh network (i.e. stand alone). Now the app seems to not work even on my other Boron devices but this is a seperate issue and lets focus on what comes after.
  • So since the app doesn’t seem to like me, I tried setting up the Boron device myself manually. I’ve done this with a few other Boron 2G/3G devices and this seems to work fine. Steps are as as follows:
  • I first updated my device to the latest and greatest device OS (1.4.0 at the moment)
  • Connect device through a ethernet featherwing and get internet connectivity via ethernet
  • On CLI use the command particle identify to get the device ID
  • On CLI use particle add device <ID> to claim the device
  • The device should now be yours and you can use it regularly since you have connection via ethernet

All is well until I try to add the SIM to my account:

So the question I have is really…

  • Do Boron LTE-M device have a particle SIM built in just like the 2G/3G devices? I would assume so.
  • If there is an e-sim in built, how do I get the ICCID?

Particle Post -

Hi @slacker89.

First, let me answer your two questions:

  • Yes, the Boron LTE has a built-in particle SIM like it’s 2G/3G counterpart.
  • And, yes, you should be able to get your ICCID through the procedure outlined above - both are great ideas, particle identify and the AT Command for ICCID.

However, I suspect something else is going on here. Would you mind private messaging me the Device ID you were able to retrieve? If I’ve misread (a little groggy this AM) can you send me the serial number written on the u-blox module?

In the interest of frontloading my request to you, so that we might come to a quicker resolution, I’d also like to see about 10 minutes or so of Cloud Debug Logs (not both installation and deinstallation instructions) produced from the device. The easiest way to do this is to use particle serial monitor --follow and plug in your freshly-flashed device. I’m curious to see if the Boron is in two or so known error states.

Spoke with Marek privately. Apparently the Boron LTE-M I got has a defective Ublox modem. I am working with him on getting replaced.

Marking this as the solution

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Follow up on this topic. Got my replacement LTE-M device. It connected as soon as I registered it. Looks like we have LTE-M up and running in Canada (on the west coast at least). YAY