Filtered 3V3 pin?

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Would this work :


@Rockvole, yup, that will do the job :smile:

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Great topic guys. Took me a while to find this answer, but definitely worthwhile as it had everything I needed.

Could I maybe suggest to the Particle team that a footnote be placed in the photon documents ( in the 3v3 pinout description? It is one of the more significant changes to the board.

Another section that may be useful is lower down there is a diagram of the photon power schematic. Adding ‘how to make a 3v3*’ would be highly useful for the less electrically gifted in the community like me.


Is this the same item? It says 330uh:

DC Inductance: 330uH Rated Resistance: 6.4ohmsDC Current Max: 137mA Axial leads. Colour coded.Tolerance ±10%, temperature rise 20°C. Rated temperature rise -20°C to +80°C. Dielectric withstanding voltage 250Vrms.

Alternatively, I know I have some 220uH’s at home, they’re a different form factor:µH/p/LF1106