ADC readings fixed on Photon?

Just wondering if the ADC reading issues that we’ve experienced on the Spark core are fixed on the Photon? I know the issues revolved around impedance (thanks to BDub’s excellent detective work). Does the photon still need additional components (such as the 0.01uF cap) in order to obtain accurate ADC readings?

I think it is always a good idea to place a small cap in the ADC input if the source is not really low impedance. (not if an op amp is driving the pin).
If I was wanting maximum accuracy, I would think about adding additional caps on all the power supply lines as well.

I noticed the Photon doesn’t have a filtered 3v supply anymore. My understanding was that we used that since the adc pins used the same pin for reference voltage. Where do I tie my ADC pins now? To the 3V3 pin?