Failure under new setup process - Photon


I previously developed an instrument using Photons and am currently developing a new variant using BM524’s and possibly Photon2. The original system was developed under my personal account but I am using a new account (University based) for the new variant.

I wish to transfer several devices to this new account - starting with one of the original Photons. I unclaimed the Photon from my personal account but have been unable to claim it under the new account.

I had hoped the new setup process would overcome this problem. Alas no. When I start the process it states that a Photon has been detected. When I start the process to activate the Photon it comes up with a window which states Photon paired and returns to Select Device. End of process!

I have tried this from both the new account and the original account with identical results. The Photon is breathing cyan suggesting that it is connected to the server but does not show up under either account on the console.

I found an item on the forum that indicated that the device needed to be in DFU mode. That had no effect other to tell that it had detected a Photon in DFU mode - Paired. Again the process stalled at that point.

What am I doing wrong? How do I transfer a device from one account to another (I simpy used Unclaim - according to the documentation this frees up the device to be claimed by other accounts).


Hi Bruce-

This setup tool is for devices at a factory clean state so to use it with your device you’d have to perform a factory reset. However, you should be able to use the docs setup tool on your device as it is now. Let me know if you have any issues.


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