Failing builds across IDE vs CLI

I’m confused how the build system works. Particle-IDE 1.7.4 on Mac will build a project successfully… the same project on Particle-IDE 1.7.4 but windows will fail… similarly older version of the CLI fail with one error, and newer versions of the CLI fail with a different error… It seems everything is different. Upgrading my CLI shouldn’t break a build, switching platforms shouldn’t break a build… little bit frustrated atm.

What errors are you getting?

Usually it’s a “No such file or directory” error. The file it mentions may be different depending on whether it’s the CLI or the IDE or the version of the CLI…

I do often see the file in the list of files it is compiling on the IDE… and it’s in the “src” directory… so I’d think I shouldn’t have to put a relative path to the file when including it…

Libraries 2.0 has just been released, and with that an update of the Dev tools. That would explain the different outputs you’re seeing.

So are only some platforms on Libraries 2.0 at the moment?

They should all be on 2.0, but older versions might handle things differently (the 1.0 style), and as such can cause some issues.

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So why is it that my Particle IDE (OSX) which seems to be on the latest with Version 1.7.4 will compile, but my CLI which is on 1.19.2 which also seems to be the latest won’t compile. The latter gives a file not found error. If I correct it by giving a relative path on an include it passes by that error but then the Particle IDE begins to start erring saying it can’t find the path via it’s relative location…

Didn’t mean to sound ungrateful for the help. I appreciate it. Just struggling with this for awhile now.


Hey @incorvia thanks for reporting – could very well be a bug. Thank you for helping us investigate.

Is there sample code that you can paste into the forums that we can use for testing on our end? cc’ing @suda and @mdma into the convo

A few days back @jvanier had fixed a similar bug in CLI where the back slashes used as path seperators on Windows broke some things.
His was a quick fix from CLI 1.19.1 to CLI 1.19.2

Could you please spell out exactly the command you are using to build in the CLI.