Failed to activate the particle-dev-profiles package

I just followed the update for one of the particle dev modules, now i am seeing the error.

Failed to activate the particle-dev-profiles package

any ideas on this, my particle dev is broken!

morning, there has been an update which i installed.

but now seeing the error below

Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property ‘apiClient’ of undefined

hi there, i have also installed on another pc with the same results…
Any ideas how to fix?
thx andy


Ping @rickkas7

Hi, I raised a support ticket, hopefully, will get a reply soon.

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Hi Andy,

can you tell me if you’re using standalone Particle Dev App or installed the packages in Atom?

Hi There,


Just seen installed some 2 updates, but still same.

Not working since 13th July!


We haven’t released any updates for Particle Dev App. We did update the packages itself though. Do you have them installed in .particledev/packages directory maybe?

Hi there,
I deleted everything in .particledev
it now works fine.