Best way to Update Particle DEV?

I have Particle DEV and I want to know the best way to update it to prevent any possible issues.

Should I delete the installed Particle DEV before running the installer on the new version?

Can I update from within the current Particle DEV?

Trying to avoid having 2 Particle DEV programs installed to prevent errors.

Any guidance is appreciated on this.


Let me ping @rickkas7 and see if he has any suggestions on this.


@KyleG, I guess @suda would be the one to ping.

Particle Dev App has a built-in update system which should download the latest version in the background and update when you restart Dev. You can also check for updates automatically from the menu.

It’s important to note that the standalone Particle Dev App doesn’t contain latest fixes. Many bleeding edge features are available in Particle Dev package which you can install in Atom.

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When I and others open Particle DEV now we get this error message at the top right and I see 2 welcome tabs. This is with the latest version of Particle DEV off the Particle Website.

@naikrovek Said he is seeing this Failed to Load red message also.

What are the cutting edge addon’s that I can get via ATOM?

Oh, that error is interesting. Could you file this at ?

Those would be the latest versions of all Particle Dev packages. The best way is to install particle-dev-complete package which should install other ones.

I know to you this may be a simple question but where exactly do I run this line?

I tried to run it via the command line I used to start up Particle CLI but it’s not a recognized command.

I believe he’s talking about installing that package into a blank Atom editor via the Atom package manager.


Exactly as Jeremiah said. You can also install it from command line using apm install particle-dev-complete command

Great. So if I have DEV installed now should I delete it before running the command line above?

I deleted Particle DEV from my laptop.

Then installed Atom. Then downloaded the Package Manager. Then tried to download the Particle Dev package but it errors out saying this:

I then downloaded Windows GitHub application.

Then I open Atom and it tries to install all the Particle dependencies and this error is what pops up now:

No idea what that’s all about but figured maybe you would like to know about it.

This is caused by another missing dependency which you can install using npm: npm install --global --production windows-build-tools

Yes, the NodeJS module serialport causes problems sometimes.

I am not sure that I’ve ever installed windows-build-tools via npm, but I can say that serialport causes issues sometimes because it has its own bugs under Windows. You need semi-specific versions of Python, NodeJS, and Visual Studio installed to get it to build, and they all need to be in your path at the same time.

Maybe it’s a problem that others haven’t experienced. I often screw with batch files to modify my %Path% variable based on what I’m working on, so maybe it’s a problem of my own design.

If you DO have issues with serialport, though, let me know. Maybe I can offer some assistance.