Excessive number of disconnect events on multiple devices

I have several devices, all photons, disconnecting from the cloud consistently. Many of these have been in the field for 2-3 years with no issues. Device OS ranges from 0.6.3 to 1.0.0, the ones with 0.8.0+ are showing 80 to 150+ disconnect events. My firmware hasn’t changed, WIFI setup hasn’t changed. Any input would be great.

I also have several photon devices that are going offline and then back online. They all are running 1.0.1. A few on diagnostics indicate they have been having excessive disconnects and others show none.

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Possible hint here: Over 20 Devices just went down

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All issues seemed to be solved after yesterday’s fix.

So it looks like my issue was not resolved with the fix yesterday.

Same here. I have a consumer product based on a Particle device that has also been operating fine until the last few days when it goes offline/online forty or fifty times a day.

Just adding that the product is based on either a P1 or Photon (probably a P1) but I’ve never cracked it open to look which.

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All mine are still going up and down. They all are Photons.

I believe that @peergum is correct that is likely related to the incident he linked to

@Mjones @jstobaugh @paulm

A question for each of you. Are each of you still noticing this issue after doing full power cycles on your devices? (As in, a complete unplug, waiting several seconds at least) and powering back on? Or is this issue only occurring for devices that were online and powered (and have continue to stay powered after our notice went out?)

I am curious to know if this is something that is still having impact on a cold boot or not.This would be helpful information for my engineering team.

Hi. I had tried a power cycle of the device earlier on the weekend, but I’ve just done another after seeing your message and the problem is still occurring.

All of my affected devices are in the field and don’t have easy access to reboot. So, in short, no they haven’t been powered down.

I suspect you may be experiencing a different issue here. Would you be able to private message me since impacted device IDs so that I can look into this further?

If these devices are cellular, try toggling their SIM cards off and on. This may force a new session handshake.

All of my devices are photons. I’ll PM you some device IDs

I power cycled mine this weekend and had no difference. I am still having the problem at this time. Please note that the diagnostics on the most of the devices show no downtime.

@mstanley did you get my device IDs? Any update on this?

Hi @Mjones . My apologies on the update on this. I have been working with engineering to try and get more information on this issue. It looks like zachary responded to your question as well at Updates for the Status Incident of May 4th .

While it appears that it was likely caused as a result of the same source occurrence, the symptoms you are seeing with your devices are likely being caused by different issues than what’s being seen in our UDP and cellular devices.

We have every intent to resolve all issues caused as a result of this incident, but it is my understanding we will be prioritizing UDP and cellular first as we are seeing more severe disruptions in these types of devices.

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I’m guessing that I have you to thank for my problem going away overnight after I sent you my device ID, so thanks! :+1:

ADMIN NOTE - Moved from Updates for the Status Incident of May 4th

Matt, thanks for clarifying this issue. It seems to be separate from what we discussed in another topic though. My devices seem to come online, and function fine while connected, but are resetting their connection multiple times per minute. Is this a separate issue or still linked to this one?

Thanks @Mjones — we’ve heard reports of this one and are aware of it too. :bowing_man: It’s a different issue, though most likely also stemming from the same cache problems last week. Because these devices are still functional, we’re prioritizing this one after the one Matthew describes, but yes, on our radar.


Sorry I spoke too soon. Still happening.