Diagnosing Cloud Disconnect Issues

We have around 70 P1 module boards out in the field
The current firmware is running 0.8.0-rc.11.
Many devices are running perfectly with no cloud disconnects.
However I have some devices which report Good WiFi signal strength but have high levels of disconnects (which often results in periods of offline status’s in the Particle console)
Is there any recommended tools to help diagnose why the disconnects are occurring or know issues with wifi connections in 0.8.0-rc.11?


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My experience is on photons all with external ariels. At the moment I do not have many devices on 0.8.0-RC.11 - since I am waiting for the proper release - for a long time now!

I am assuming you have downloaded the Diagnostics History file? Looking at the log for a photon that is on my desk I can see that it has disconnected 58 times but why? I have attached a part of the log here - you may be able to see. Memory is not an issue, AFAIK the loop cadence is not an issue but is one to watch.
What is happening with this Photon is the WiFi signal is very variable and in particular, although the RSSI appears Good the data quality is not good at all. So what is happening is a large number of network disconnections causing the cloud connection to be lost. The reasons are always 1006 or 1023 - authentication failure (bad data) or out of range of AP (poor signal).

Hope that helps.

Not sure if it helps in your particular case but there is a Cloud debug library created by @rickkas7. You could try using it to debug a test unit to find the root cause:

Thanks guys:grinning:. Many thanks for the advice. I will try the Cloud debug library