Error while retrieving pricing information! Is it something down?

error while retrieving pricing information when creating mesh network

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I am getting the same error as Iā€™m trying to claim a brand new argon device.

Hi all,

Nothing is down as far as I can tell! I recommend following the instructions here to try and set up your devices via the Particle Command Line Interface ( instead of the Mobile App.

Something is wrong on the server side

I see we have two reports here of this error, so my colleagues and I will be looking into this and posting our conclusions as soon as we can.

If you have any mobile app logging you can provide us, that would be useful, but I believe we can reproduce this on our own. Thanks for holding.

Hi @Antoniokly - you were correct. This issue has been resolved, please confirm (cc @sampath1).

Thanks a lot! It is resolved now.