Error adding third node device to mesh network

I have experienced the same issue I saw with 0.8.0-RC.25 now that I have upgraded to 0.8.0-RC.26. The setting up of the gateway Xenon in an ethernet featherwing works brilliantly (using an iphone). Then I added 2 xenons as nodes and that all went fine. I left them a few hours and was impressed that there were no hiccups at all on the diagnostics - rock solid as promised, range is much better. The console shows all the devices and the mesh network. I then got another xenon out of the box and started to do setup and arrived at the screen on the mobile app where you add it to the new device to the mesh network - a list was shown (only 1 active mesh) but although there were 2 devices as nodes breathing cyan it showed devices? I was able to put another node on the mesh into listening mode (instructions were not clear if this should be the gateway?), I scanned the QR code on this device for pairing and then got asked for the mesh network password. I absolutely entered this correctly but the app came back every time to say password wrong! So I cancelled the setup. Is this a bug or a user error?

You currently need to use the gateway as the assisting device, as if you select one of the Xenons you’ll get an invalid password error. This bug is not resolved in 0.8.0-rc.26.

Using xenon as assisting device prompts wrong password
Status: Reported
Example: Mesh password problem with Xenon as assist device13
Workaround: Use your gateway as the assisting device.

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Thanks - I will try that, in the meantime I had updated the Particle App, wondering if that was the cause - it wasn’t.

If I have a mesh setup with a gateway and a couple of other devices (all xenons) and I want to remove the gateway xenon and replace with another xenon - is this possible or do I have to recreate the whole mesh and rename it?

Unfortunately it’s not possible to swap the gateway at this time. You need to recreate the mesh network with the new gateway.

Being able to swap the gateway, along with high availability (multiple gateways) is coming, but not available yet.

You will likely end up with some mesh networks with no devices now, but we’ll provide a way to clean those up before the limit of 10 free mesh networks is imposed.

So the adding of the third device to the mesh worked. What is the approach to de-assign a node from a mesh network otherwise I will have 2 orphans!

You can’t unassign a node from a mesh yet - you can only assign it to a different mesh which will remove it from its previous mesh network. Remove will be added eventually as well.

Unclaiming a device from your account does not remove it from the mesh network, they’re two separate things.

Not sure if this if the best thread to post this on but I was wondering how to “SEE” what Mesh networks I have and what Boron or Argon they are assigned to I went crazy and got a lot of Mesh devices.

Down the road I can definitely see forgetting what Mesh network is on what device.
So far I don’t see a way to see the mesh networks using the iPhone app or WebIDE.

Also is there a way to see the signal strength of a Xenon attached to the mesh network?
Knowing if the signal strength would be awesome to help out in the field locating and mounting requirements.

Thanks Particle Team for all your hard work!! Great Job!

Go to and click on the mesh networks menu icon. There you will see all your mesh networks listed out and if you click on one you will see all the mesh nodes listed out. It’s probably a good idea to figure out a good, uniform and logical naming scheme. After I created my first mesh network, I knew it could get confusing very quickly. I thought a bit about my naming scheme and came up with the idea that the network would be named after US states and the nodes would be named after cities within the state. So far I have Pennsylvania and Florida networks.

@ninjatill answered the first of your 3 questions - regards the other 2.

There is a post from @rickkas7 about this - there is no system call yet to get this value. In any case, this will get complicated as gateways, repeaters and end nodes will be seeing several other mesh devices and returning a list of signals - so far this complexity is hidden and it is just connecting to the strongest signal (we hope!). I would be very interested in this as I have an idea to allow location positioning within an office space by triangulation of the signals from 3 known location repeaters. However, the function calls to assign mesh nodes to roles aren’t there either.

So far I don’t see a way to see the mesh networks using the iPhone app or WebIDE.

There isn’t - hence your naming of the nodes is important in my opinion.

BTW my mesh network naming scheme is far less inventive than @ninjatill - mine is AAL-mesh1,2,3, etc. and then nodes on mesh1 are node11, node12, etc. and gateway is mesh-base1.