Elites vs. Employees Explanation for Newbies and Such

So, as a (somewhat) regular user of these forums, I’ve been noticing some friction on this forum, and I think that some of that stems from a misunderstanding of who is who, so I thought I’d make a short post to clear that up some. Hopefully it’s helpful!

There are two main groups of people who are responsible for a lot of the info and help here, Elites, and Particle Employees.


  • Unpaid volunteers who have been designated as helpful individuals who really like Particle, and spend far too much of their free time helping out other people :wink:
  • Composed of 10 individuals currently, listed here
  • Please don’t forget that they are people too, have feelings, and like Particle a lot. This sometimes leads to them getting defensive; they have a lot of time and energy invested in this grand experiment, and are somewhat protective of it.


  • People that Particle pays :smiley: (aka, what it sounds like)
  • Here’s a list of them
  • Hey, guess what! They’re people too! They have bad days and good days. Treat them with kindness, and you will be rewarded! And, just as the Elites have lives outside of their hobbies, Particle employees have lives outside of their work!

So, to sum up, what I’m saying is, treat people with respect, keep in mind who is trying to help, and give peace a chance! :v: :heartpulse: :peace_symbol:


@mumblepins, thank you for a great and kind explanation! But what do you mean unpaid!! Darn, that explains why I wasn’t getting a cheque in the mail :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: