Welcome @ScruffR, our new Particle Elite!

We’d like to welcome @ScruffR into the ranks of the Particle Elite! He’s an excellent person who many of you know and love, a great asset to the forums, and now a most esteemed and wonderful Particle Elite.

Some of you may be asking, “What is an Elite?”

An Elite is an active community member who has been so helpful that he or she has become a mod who has our undying adoration. They work closely with the Particle team, and you can recognize them by the Elite title next to their names on posts.

Post hearty congrats and any questions or comments below!


Congratulations! This is going to be great!


Congratulations, exciting times ahead :)!


Congratulations @ScruffR!

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Congratulations. Your suggestions have been timely and most helpful! Well deserved.

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