New Badge and Title System - Particle Levels!

Titles are fun, and we’ve recently realized that we should have more of them. Lots of you are doing cool things, and everyone on the forums should know it at a glance.

We’ve created several badges that can be enabled as titles on the community so that you can know what different users are up to.

We are, of course, talking about the Particle Level badges.

You may know of one or two Particle Levels (like Elite and Champion) but we haven’t made any of the other levels clear. So here they are now!

###Level 1 | Cadet
For now, you get this one by joining the community! Eventually, the Cadet badge will only apply to those who have joined the community and claimed a Particle device, but for now you’ll just get one for showing up.

###Level 2 | Contributor
You get this one if you’ve either:

  • Shared an original project (tutorials preferred) on the Community. You can post full project tutorials, or links to your original tutorial hosted on hackster, instructables, or another site or personal blog. Make sure that your projects get posted in the tutorials or project shares category!


  • Contributed to the code base on GitHub. This can be as big as a massive firmware change or as small as the correction of a grammatical error.

All Contributors get to spend time on Particle Developers Slack. Send a PM to @clarissa with your preferred email to get access.

###Level 3 | Champion
You get to be a Champion if you’ve made several pull requests or contributed several projects. Champions are often tapped to do bigger things at Particle as Level 4s.

###Level 4 | Code Hero or Dev Guru
Code Heroes are Champions who have made a series of great commits and now have a commit bit to automatically merge their and other people’s pull requests.

Dev Gurus are Champions who have made a series of great projects and now contribute tutorials and guides that are hosted on Particle’s docs.

Both are considered Level 4’s and get added to the Particle Trello Board where they can directly report, create, claim, or edit high-level community issues.

###Level 5 | Elite
You’ve probably seen the Elites around the community, helping out and chilling with Particle team members.

Elites get invited to our big company events (like Maker Faire Bay Area) and are allowed to give workshops at Particle-sponsored events. They can even lead their own meetups, for which Particle will provide hardware support. They have access to early releases and often consult on strategy. Elites have a channel within Particle’s main slack account and have access to team members.

###Using Your Badge as a Title

Navigate to your profile by clicking your user icon in the upper right hand corner of the screen. Then go to preferences…

…And click the pencil next to Title to edit your title. You’ll see the different badges that you can use in a dropdown menu. Select one.

Don’t forget to save your changes! Now your new title will appear next to your posts like this:



PS the Massive First Granting Of Cadet Badges is still running-- expect to be badged tomorrow!

Just updated this info-- @clarissa is our new Dev Engagement person and any PMs regarding the Particle Collider can go to her!

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