Electron with 3th party sim


i am a newbie with the electron and i hope anyone can help me on my first steps…

i want to configure the electron with a 3th party sim (Germany, Congstar, APN: internet.t-mobile, user: t-mobile, pass: tm )

i tried to setup the electron with the setup page and downloaded the firmware.bin with my APN internet.t-mobile

the i flashed the firmware via CLI (on a MacBookPro…) , attached the sim and the electron is only blinking green…no connection…

in a mobile phone, the congstar SIM is working!!!

i think, the credentials are needed in the config…USER and PASS…

Is there a way to insert the credentials in the firmware.bin ?

Or can anyone compile a firmware.bin for me with the APN and the credentials?

Thanks a lot, Regards


This is the bit in the docs that gives it away

// Connects to a cellular network with a specified APN, USERNAME and PASSWORD
#include “cellular_hal.h”
STARTUP(cellular_credentials_set(APN, USERNAME, PASSWORD, NULL));

or a forum search for 3rd party sim will come up with multiple references of the same solution too