Electron support online?

I've noticed the Electron is no longer sold, and I see my battery is dated 2015, so it's around 8 years old now!

Is there a similar device that's replaced it?

The online IDE is still available - does anyone know how long it will be up for? Is there any plans to close the service down yet?

The Electron is no longer sold. There is no drop-in replacement for it, but the Boron is approximately the same size and form-factor, but has a different pin-out. Software can generally be recompiled between the two, but the binaries are different. The Gen 2 cellular migration guide includes tips for migration from the Electron and E-Series.

Gen 2 devices are limited to Device OS 3.x and earlier, but are still supported in the cloud compilers and local compilers (Particle Workbench).

Cloud support is still available and is guaranteed through March 31, 2025. However, it's highly likely cloud support will continue far past that date as the Spark Core is even farther past its end-of-life date and still can connect to the cloud. You can still cloud build for deprecated platforms like Core and Xenon, as well.

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This is good news! The company is very supportive. =)

Boron? That's great! It's just to continue development with something similar using the online dev tools we're already use to. It doesn't need to be a drop in replacement.

Thanks for getting back to me.

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