Electron and Asset Tracker future

Hi, on the products web page the Electron is not really featured and the Asset Tracker v2 datasheet is listed under legacy accessories in the documentation. This makes me think these products are on their way out. Is this the case? Is the Boron a replacement for the Electron? Is there an asset tracker for the Boron?

I am looking into using the Asset Tracker for a solution but would like to know for how long it will be available.

There is another post asking the difference between the Boron 3G and the Electron but only discussing the SIM. What other differences are there between them?

Thank you.

To list all the differences would lead too far here (to start with the different architecture of the used controllers) - what in particular do you want clarified?

If you want to use GPS with Gen 3 the go-to option at the moment is a FeatherWing Doubler/Trippler and any GPS FeatherWing you'd like.

The "legacy" thing isn't the best of wording used there, but a similar question has been asked before and this is Particle's response

(plus another post a bit further down the same thread)

Thank you. I think I saw that thread but didn’t open it thinking it was just about the Photon. IMHO Particle should include that explanation on the documentation and/or FAQs.

Ok, so the Boron is a completely different product not based upon the Electon. I don’t expect a complete list of differences, just in general what would make someone choose one over the other (apart from the gen)? What does the Boron do that the electron can’t (or does better/faster)?

These would be my main distinguishing factors:
Boron features Mesh, Bluetooth, NFC, lower power modes
Electron is faster, (currently) more mature, features an inbuilt real-time-clock, 5V tolerant pins and two DACs

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Awesome, thanks.

Also and depending upon your region - Boron supports LTE-M (4-5G) whereas Electron is 2/3G. Boron has eSim whereas Electron does not. Maturity of hardware is a big factor for a remote device. Go with Electron if that is important to your project.